Ten Best Theatres in The World

Theatre 300x149 Ten Best Theatres in The WorldTheaters have become the important parts of the day today life of people of these days, because people would be looking for watching movies to get themselves relaxed from the stress and tension that they undergo in their day today life. Let us see some important theatres which are working there in the world. You can get the information about them by visiting

1) La Scala de Milan: This is the world famous theater which is located near the Santa Maria alla Scala. In the entire Milan, this is an unmistakable landmark and one can have the excellent view of the entire city. December 7 is the starting day.

2) Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires is another important theatre in Argentina. Every year it attracts millions of people from the remote corners of the country. The total area of this theater is about 8200 square meters and has the capacity to accommodate nearly 2500 spectators at once.

3) The Liceo de Barcelona: This is another important theater which is located in Spain. The specialty of this theater lies in the fact that this is the oldest theatre in entire Spain. Many world famous opera singers have performed in this theater and have attracted millions of people in the process.

4) Covert Garden is yet another important royal opera house in London. In fact it is a musical institution which bears this name and hence it has become famous everywhere as the garden theater.

5) Teatro la Fenice in Venice: This is another theater which is present in Venice. The details of this most important theater can be seen in the fact that the most characteristic singer namely Verdi was the famous personality who made his footprints in this theater by his achievements. In the year 1851, on the night of March 11th, he achieved new landmark in the musical world.

6) Teatro Real de Madrid: This is yet another important theater which is located in Madrid of Spain. It is located just opposite of the royal palace. The location of this theater is in Plaza de Oriente.

7) The metropolitan opera house of New York is another important theater where thousands of people have fun and frolic every year. This theater was established in the year 1883.

8) Wiener Staatsoper is a wonderful theater which was established in 1918. It has been standing since that day as one of the best theaters in the world. The period of great splendor of this theater was between 1814 and1832.

9) Moscow Bolshoi Theater has been standing as a monumental theater in Moscow since 1776. That means it has been there for more than two centuries and surely it can be listed as one of the oldest and best known theaters in the world.

10) The Sydney opera house is yet another important opera house in the world which is best known for its aesthetics. The name and fame of this theater went skywards as it was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II on October 20th, 1973. Along with that, it has a capacity of 1547 spectators at a time. So if you want to choose the best theater for you, go to and select one theater for you.


Reasons to Trust Your Travel Agent to Plan Your Family Holiday

Are you getting ready to plan your family getaway for the year? There are a number of advantages to booking your trip with a travel agent rather than planning it yourself, such as;

They Are Travel Experts

Booking a holiday to a destination where you have never been can be very difficult. You don’t know what to expect, what to look for and what to compare prices against to determine whether or not you are getting good value. However, your travel agency in Hong Kong has knowledge about your destination and you will probably be able to find a travel agent who has been there personally. This experienced perspective will help you plan a better holiday than simply blindly booking online.

They Will Help You Plan a Kid Friendly Holiday

The danger of booking something online by yourself is that you don’t really know what you will get, which is important when traveling with kids. You could end up in a hotel in a not-so-desirable neighbourhood or one that doesn’t have any other youngsters for your little ones to play with. Your travel agent will be able to help you find locations that are kid-friendly so that your family will have a good time.

You Can Save Your Valuable Time

Your days are packed, taking care of kids, working full time, driving the little ones to sports games and practices, preparing lunches, and maintaining the home and any other responsibilities that are on your plate. Do you really have the time that it takes to search through dozens of flight prices to ensure that you have the best deal or find the right accommodation for your family? Your Hong Kong travel agents are experienced at this and they will be able to plan the best family holiday for you so that you won’t spend too much of your precious time.

They Provide Support if Things go Wrong

What happens if your luggage is lost by the airline, or you show up at the hotel and they have overbooked your room or your flight is cancelled? When things go wrong during your holiday it can be difficult to figure out what to do. However, you will not need to worry because you can call your Hong Kong travel agents and they will help you to solve the problem.

710x250 Burma Reasons to Trust Your Travel Agent to Plan Your Family Holiday

You Can Get the Best Price

Booking your air ticket with a travel agency in Hong Kong can save you a lot of money, as your travel agent will be able to find the best package for your particular travel needs without any unnecessary expense. Also, if you book with Flight Centre, you can enjoy the ‘Lowest Airfare Guarantee’. This promise means that if you find a cheaper rate on your flight anywhere else they will beat the price by $10 as well as offer you a $100 gift voucher.

These are just a few of the advantages of booking your family getaway with an experienced travel agent. Why not get started planning the ultimate trip today?