A Trip to Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is not your ordinary city. This is one of the conclusions I came to after my recent visit to Netherlands’ most famous city. There were a lot of excitements ranging from the canals, the various grand structures in the city such as the Tuschinski Theatre and to the risque Red Light district; the city is not short of places to visit. Besides, Amsterdam is very easy to navigate by bike, on foot or even by boat. Below are some of the lessons i drew from the experience.

The best time to visit Amsterdam

You can visit Amsterdam any time of the year since there is always something exciting all year round. But note that a lot of people prefer the summer months since the longer days and nice temperatures allow them to spend more time outdoors. This said, visiting at this time has its challenges which prior preparations can help you avoid. For a fact, Amsterdam is most crowded at this time and things are pretty expensive. Make hotel bookings well in advance if you are intending to travel at this time Otherwise, Amsterdam accommodations headaches will spoil your trip. Perhaps, the best time to visit is during Spring. This is before the tourist rush. In addition, the Keukenhof Gardens are opened to members of the public. You will definitely be thrilled to see the tulips.


Keukenhof Gardens 750x562 A Trip to Amsterdam


Where to stay

Take your personality into account as you book your hotel accommodation. Ask yourself whether you prefer a crowded place or an isolated location. If you are the wild type, then a location in Damrak will definitely do it for you. Damrak starts at the central station and runs through the Dam Square, the Sex Museum and the royal Palace while at the same time being a few minutes away from the Red Light District. But if you seek a more quiet experience, then your top Amsterdam accommodations will be in the Rembrandt Square which is in close proximity to the Tuschinski Theatre. Of course you will also like the nightlife in this area too.

TuschinskiGroteZaalDusen2 A Trip to Amsterdam


Some exciting activities

By all reasons, do not leave Amsterdam without riding a canal boat ride. Everything that needs to be seen in Amsterdam can be reached via the canals. The canals are one of the identifying features of the city. Take a boat ride and explore various parts while enjoying yourself. Your visit may also not be complete before a visit to the Tuschinski Theatre. Pay a visit to the grandest structure ever built in Amsterdam and be awed by the amazing architectural display. The Tuschinski Theater is a very unusual cinema. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the city. It is a cinema like no other. The rich style complemented with the events in the theatre will leave a lasting memory within you. In order to get the best of your visit to this facility, it is advisable to take a guided tour so that you do not miss out on any bit.


Las Vegas Desert Tours: A Must-See

images12 Las Vegas Desert Tours: A Must See

Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada and it is usually called as the “Sin City” because of many gambling activities, night clubs, prostitution (but not legal in the main city), and parties with many alcoholic drinks. Gambling became popular in Las Vegas because it was legalized in 1931. Las Vegas is composed of the City of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip. The former is commonly referred to as the downtown area and the latter is located outside the Las Vegas City’s limit.

Although many people termed Las Vegas as the Sin City, there are still tourism advocates that promote the city as the “Entertainment Capital of the World”. The reason for this is that there are many attractions and vacation spots in Las Vegas. The city is also a great venue among many popular movies. Many celebrities are visiting Las Vegas for a vacation. So aside from gambling and alcohol, there are interesting attractions around the city that will make your vacation memorable, exciting and fun.

There are so many tours to choose from in Las Vegas. This article will focus on the desert part of Las Vegas (after all Las Vegas is still a desert). These places are located a few miles away from the city.

Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon is the National Conservation Area of Las Vegas. This is one of the most favorites among locals and tourists. Visitors can enjoy activities like biking, horseback riding, hiking, camping, rock climbing and many more. The most exciting is the donkey tour wherein you will have to ride a donkey to go around the place for sightseeing. The Red Rock Canyon is popular for its crimson rocks. The abundance number of wildlife in the place will make you love Red Rock Canyon.

Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is the third highest mountain in Nevada. The mountain is popular for its ski and snowboard resorts. Many people who want to ski and escape from the hot temperature in the desert usually visit Mount Charleston.  There are also campsite, picnic areas, waterfalls, and forests in the place.

The Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is considered as Nevada’s “First State Park”. People can enjoy rock and plant formations that were formed over 150 million years ago. Some rock formations shape like animals, plants and etc.  The Elephant Rock, the Seven Sisters, and the Balancing Rock are the most popular rock formations in the Valley of Fire.

If you visit these places, you might forget that you are in Las Vegas. The beauty of these places is amazing where you can spend a peaceful and relaxing time. So if you are interested to visit these areas, you can check local tours that offer trips to see these places. Some of these tours have guides which can explain and retell the stories and history of the place.

If you want to know more about Las Vegas tours and deals, you can check the internet for Las Vegas sites. These websites provide more current information. Find the best deal for you Las Vegas vacation and you will surely enjoy!

You’ll surely enjoy a Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas now!