A Trip to Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is not your ordinary city. This is one of the conclusions I came to after my recent visit to Netherlands’ most famous city. There were a lot of excitements ranging from the canals, the various grand structures in the city such as the Tuschinski Theatre and to the risque Red Light district; the city is not short of places to visit. Besides, Amsterdam is very easy to navigate by bike, on foot or even by boat. Below are some of the lessons i drew from the experience.

The best time to visit Amsterdam

You can visit Amsterdam any time of the year since there is always something exciting all year round. But note that a lot of people prefer the summer months since the longer days and nice temperatures allow them to spend more time outdoors. This said, visiting at this time has its challenges which prior preparations can help you avoid. For a fact, Amsterdam is most crowded at this time and things are pretty expensive. Make hotel bookings well in advance if you are intending to travel at this time Otherwise, Amsterdam accommodations headaches will spoil your trip. Perhaps, the best time to visit is during Spring. This is before the tourist rush. In addition, the Keukenhof Gardens are opened to members of the public. You will definitely be thrilled to see the tulips.


Keukenhof Gardens 750x562 A Trip to Amsterdam


Where to stay

Take your personality into account as you book your hotel accommodation. Ask yourself whether you prefer a crowded place or an isolated location. If you are the wild type, then a location in Damrak will definitely do it for you. Damrak starts at the central station and runs through the Dam Square, the Sex Museum and the royal Palace while at the same time being a few minutes away from the Red Light District. But if you seek a more quiet experience, then your top Amsterdam accommodations will be in the Rembrandt Square which is in close proximity to the Tuschinski Theatre. Of course you will also like the nightlife in this area too.

TuschinskiGroteZaalDusen2 A Trip to Amsterdam


Some exciting activities

By all reasons, do not leave Amsterdam without riding a canal boat ride. Everything that needs to be seen in Amsterdam can be reached via the canals. The canals are one of the identifying features of the city. Take a boat ride and explore various parts while enjoying yourself. Your visit may also not be complete before a visit to the Tuschinski Theatre. Pay a visit to the grandest structure ever built in Amsterdam and be awed by the amazing architectural display. The Tuschinski Theater is a very unusual cinema. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the city. It is a cinema like no other. The rich style complemented with the events in the theatre will leave a lasting memory within you. In order to get the best of your visit to this facility, it is advisable to take a guided tour so that you do not miss out on any bit.


Las Vegas Desert Tours: A Must-See

images12 Las Vegas Desert Tours: A Must See

Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada and it is usually called as the “Sin City” because of many gambling activities, night clubs, prostitution (but not legal in the main city), and parties with many alcoholic drinks. Gambling became popular in Las Vegas because it was legalized in 1931. Las Vegas is composed of the City of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip. The former is commonly referred to as the downtown area and the latter is located outside the Las Vegas City’s limit.

Although many people termed Las Vegas as the Sin City, there are still tourism advocates that promote the city as the “Entertainment Capital of the World”. The reason for this is that there are many attractions and vacation spots in Las Vegas. The city is also a great venue among many popular movies. Many celebrities are visiting Las Vegas for a vacation. So aside from gambling and alcohol, there are interesting attractions around the city that will make your vacation memorable, exciting and fun.

There are so many tours to choose from in Las Vegas. This article will focus on the desert part of Las Vegas (after all Las Vegas is still a desert). These places are located a few miles away from the city.

Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon is the National Conservation Area of Las Vegas. This is one of the most favorites among locals and tourists. Visitors can enjoy activities like biking, horseback riding, hiking, camping, rock climbing and many more. The most exciting is the donkey tour wherein you will have to ride a donkey to go around the place for sightseeing. The Red Rock Canyon is popular for its crimson rocks. The abundance number of wildlife in the place will make you love Red Rock Canyon.

Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is the third highest mountain in Nevada. The mountain is popular for its ski and snowboard resorts. Many people who want to ski and escape from the hot temperature in the desert usually visit Mount Charleston.  There are also campsite, picnic areas, waterfalls, and forests in the place.

The Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is considered as Nevada’s “First State Park”. People can enjoy rock and plant formations that were formed over 150 million years ago. Some rock formations shape like animals, plants and etc.  The Elephant Rock, the Seven Sisters, and the Balancing Rock are the most popular rock formations in the Valley of Fire.

If you visit these places, you might forget that you are in Las Vegas. The beauty of these places is amazing where you can spend a peaceful and relaxing time. So if you are interested to visit these areas, you can check local tours that offer trips to see these places. Some of these tours have guides which can explain and retell the stories and history of the place.

If you want to know more about Las Vegas tours and deals, you can check the internet for Las Vegas sites. These websites provide more current information. Find the best deal for you Las Vegas vacation and you will surely enjoy!

You’ll surely enjoy a Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas now!

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Great Destinations for Sailing a Yacht

Sailing holidays are the kind of holidays that never go out of fashion. They offer freedom, relaxation, fun and a little splash of luxury.

Sailing holidays open up your options when it comes to your choice of destination. Instead of being stuck to one resort, you have a whole region or even an ocean at your fingertips. You can take a sailing trip literally anywhere in the world but you don’t have to go too far to find some truly magnificent destinations.

Europe offers some brilliant options when it comes to sailing. The Mediterranean has many distinct regions which are littered with fishing villages, exciting cities and other lively ports. You could find yourself in places that you hadn’t even considered before.

The Adriatic

Take Montenegro for instance. This Balkan country, situated in the Adriatic is incredibly beautiful and with around 290km of coastline, you will never be without a destination. The Adriatic is the name given to the northernmost area of the Mediterranean sea and it boasts over 1300 islands, many of which can be found around the coastline of Montenegro. With crystal clear waters, the Adriatic is particularly good for scuba diving and snorkelling.

Another destination for great diving is of course the Red Sea. Acting as a border between Asia and Africa, The Red Sea is a fantastic tropical sea destination with an abundance of marine life as well as coral reefs waiting to be explored. Your skipper will also know the location of a number of shipwrecks, some of which also particularly old which makes for great diving.

The Red Sea offers a lot more than diving however. The scenery is simply stunning, The Sinai Desert, where Bedouin can still be found living the same nomadic lifestyle their ancestors have lived for centuries. For a little more in the way of modern civilization, take a look at the Jordanian coast, or Aqaba in particular which is a luxury tourist development with sophistication and high-end goods on tap.

9 Great Destinations for Sailing a YachtThe Tyrrhenian

Italy offers no end of stunning sailing locations as well as chances to enjoy the world famous cuisine. Specials vary from village to village and from town to town so you can enjoy something entirely new every day. As well as the mainland and destinations such as Naples, there are various islands such as Sicily. Located in the Tyrrhenian area of the Mediterranean, Sicily literally begs to be discovered by boat. The main island has numerous towns with beautiful ports, bars and nightlife on offer but the island is surrounded by numerous islets which you don’t get to see if you take a resort based holiday.

Taking a skippered yacht means that you don’t have to lift a finger if you don’t want to, just sit back and enjoy the sights, exploring as much or as little as you want.

Michael Green is a travel writer specializing in adventure travel and sailing holidays. He has written for a range of travel magazines and website and even appeared in the odd promotional video or two. He and his family enjoy the freedom that a sailing holiday brings and his often books his trips through Club La Costa where he is a member of the yacht club.

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Virgin Island An Entertainment Place To Visit

Virgin Island is indeed a wonderful location to visit for retreat, fun and leisure. The location refers to a group of islands found within the United States territory. However, only three of the islands are the main islands, the rest are small atolls. Saint Croix is the largest island followed by Saint Thomas and lastly Saint John is the smallest among the three islands. The location offers interesting services such as diving and snorkeling spot, white beaches, cheap shopping hub, mixture of Danish and West Indian cultures and probably American influence on food, language and other social aspects.

Those visitors who are interested in visiting this location are required to have a genuine passport which must be valid for six months after the date of entry. Without which, the individual will be restricted to cross other countries. If you do not have one, then you should look for it before the day of travelling. This may require that you visit passport sites to learn more about obtaining passports or even to get help on finding the nearest location to apply for passports. People are advised to visit the location between the month of April and June when the weather is favourable.

Saint Croix
The Island covers an area of two hundred and twelve square kilometers and is the largest of the three islands. It provides beautiful beaches, cultural events, unique art and crafts, music and interesting sporting activities such as diving, fishing, golf clubs among others. The excellent hotels located on the island offer great accommodation services and dining facilities. You can get here by either flight, Vehicle or Ferry.

Saint Thomas
It is the second largest Island among the three islands. The highest of point of the Virginia Islands is found on this particular island. This is because of the Crow Mountain found on this island. The mountain has a height of four hundred and seventy four meters. The beautiful beaches located in the northern and eastern part of the coast are classified as the best beaches found in the entire Caribbean. Historical sites and cultural activities are also among the tourist attraction features. For instance, Fort Christian is the oldest standing United States National Landmark structure in the virgin islands. The Museum also play a very great role in tourist attraction because it contains old maps, island’s memorabilia and other island’s historical materials. The old synagogues that are still being used in the United States and the skytsborg fortified tower currently known as Blackbeard’s Castle which is being used as a restaurant and a hotel also form part of attraction features on the Island. You can get here using a vehicle, a flight or a ferry.

Saint John
It is the smallest of the three islands and covers a total area of fifty four square kilometers. The Island has a rainforest belonging to the United States National Park, which acts as a home of diverse fascinating animals. It also has beautiful beaches and bays which are very attractive. Great recreational activities such as swimming and diving are also highly favored on the beach. Unfortunately, there is no airport on island and therefore tourists depend entirely on the ferry to get to this amazing destination.


Washington DC Experience: A Travel Experience Worth Treasuring

images9 Washington DC Experience: A Travel Experience Worth Treasuring

Taking a vacation and a break from the stress of everyday life is indeed inevitable. Have you decided what place will be good for you? Why not try having it in Washington, DC. Many tourists who have already visited the place will surely approve that it is an ideal place to visit because of its spectacular city’s river view, wide open avenues, front porches and the landmarks around the city. Washington, D.C, the capital of United States, is known not only because of the White House but also because its rich culture that is magnified through its museums, classic restaurants, welcoming hotels and magnificent parks.

There are a lot of sites and attractions the city could ever offer. From these, here are the five major destinations which you will absolutely enjoy. First are the several and various national monuments and memorials of the city. Rather than going during the day, at night would be the best time to visit the landmarks. Their breathtaking lights will absolutely make one awe-struck. These landmarks symbolize how the people in this city commemorate and honor their statesmen, poets, generals and politicians. Starting off from the National Mall going to the Lincoln Memorial Park will be the best route to enjoy your national monuments and memorials tour.

Second stop is the Kennedy Center. It is where the world-class live theatrical performances are held. Musicals, multi-media shows and family programs are also performed. If you are someone who love performing arts, watching a concert in the Millennium Stage in the Grand Foyer of the Kennedy Center will be the best choice of destination for you. Good thing about this is that the tickets for the performances are 100% free.

The third one would be the city’s striking gothic cathedrals. Visiting one of the most impressive Gothic Cathedrals worldwide should not be missed when you are in Washington, DC. The city’s National Cathedrals used to be an Episcopal Church, however through the ruling of the Congress, it was later declared as the National House of Prayer. National Cathedral is a must-see destination not only because of its unique and stunning architectural design but also because of its great contribution in the United States’ history.

Fourth is the International Spy Museum. Yes, you heard it right, a spy museum. It is the sole spy museum worldwide so who would want to miss this kind of opportunity when visiting Washington. Visiting Spy museum is an ideal activity for everyone because of its unique interactive displays and noisy films.

Fifth and the last one in the list is the Great Falls Park. If adventure and nice breeze of nature are what you search for, taking a hike at Great Falls Park is the best choice.  It is one of the most visited landmarks in the city. Hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, horseback riding and bicycling are some activities the place offers. It is indeed a place where adventure awaits you.

If you want to experience a Washington DC tours, then book your trip today.


Taking Your Family Vacation

Taking to the open road is the ultimate American family vacation. The nations system of interstate, state and local roads makes travel a breeze. Traveling by in a converted Prevost bus RV means you can take to the open road without leaving the comfort and familiarity of your own home.

Taking a Prevost Bus on Your Family Vacation

Few things are more American than taking to the open road for a family vacation. Celebrated in everything from black and white photos from the dawn of motor travel to super-8 movies and digital video to major motion pictures the family road trip the All American Vacation and what better way to experience it than in the comfort of your own converted Prevost Bus RV.

Whether you’re taking your trip while the kids are still young or are long grown and it’s just the two of you the call of America’s highways and byways always beckons. Traveling in a Prevost bus offers the best of two worlds, parts unknown and the comforts of home at the same time. Thanks to our country’s outstanding system of multilane highways and less traveled state highways getting away for a few days or a few weeks has never been easier.

A great east coast trip is the Blue Ridge Parkway which runs from Shenandoah National Park in Waynesboro, Virginia through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. With entry and exit points all along the route there is always something to see and do. The parkway passes by small towns and hamlets and larger communities such as Asheville and Boone North Carolina and Roanoke Virginia.

The region is chock full of history and culture from Native American culture and influences of the Cherokee to Early American homesteads right through to today. With almost endless choices travelers can enjoy the great natural beauty of the area from their vehicles, on foot on paved paths and backcountry hikes and on bike or horseback. Antiquing and shopping are also extremely popular across the region.

The great American Midwest provides ample opportunity and undeniable variety in when it comes to opportunities to travel by RV or car. Urban, suburban, mountain or plain, river or lake the choices abound. Hope from city to city throughout the Great Lakes Region from Green Bay to Milwaukee and Chicago East to Toledo and Cincinnati and on to Buffalo and Niagara Falls your trip can last as long as you want and you’ll never be bored.

The Rocky Mountain region is world renown for its rugged beauty and breathtaking views. Zigzagging east and west while traveling north and south the road tripper can get as close to or as far from the cities of; Denver, Salt Lake, Albuquerque, Casper and Billings as you wish to be. The Rockies provide an endless list of outdoor activities including world famous hot springs.

The west coast is no stranger to motor travel or luxury and is the perfect place to combine both as you travel the coast from the majestic coastal mountain ranges of the north down the coast to Hollywood and even into Mexico for some authentic Mexican cuisine. Traveling by converted Prevost Bus is the ultimate west coast experience and can be done on your schedule in days, weeks or months, in one long trip or dozens of overnighters.

Paul is a freelance writer interested in places where buyers can search for Buses for Sale to find a Prevost for sale. Prevost buses are a popular choice for many family vacations in the United States.


Languages and Learning While on the Road in Asia

Traveling is fun and educational. Whether one is able to travel to other places and countries because of work, business or for leisure, the learning opportunities are endless.

Learning while traveling mean gaining knowledge about a country’s culture, traditions, history and it’s people’s way of life. Being able to learn a new language is an added perk. When in Asia, there are lots of opportunities to do this.

Language Lessons 225x300 Languages and Learning While on the Road in Asia
Image: dailyrepublic

Being the largest continent of the world with the highest population, Asia is a region rich in history and culture. It has diverse cultures, ethnic groups, environment, government systems and economies. In the area of education, the region is also home to prestigious colleges and universities that produce topnotch graduates who eventually hold important positions whether in government or in the corporate world.

Similar to traveling to the Americas and Europe, people who visit Asian countries would be able to get around the place more easily if they learn the local language. They can study on their own using books, audio-visual materials and online resources or they can enroll in a short course on the internet, in schools in their own country or in a language school in the country they’re visiting.
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New York Basic Travel Tips: Things You Should Know About The Big Apple Today

images8 300x172 New York Basic Travel Tips: Things You Should Know About The Big Apple Today

International center of business, capital of art and entertainment and the culture capital of the world are only some of the famous names of New York City which also made the people visit the city. There are a lot of reasons why many people travel to New York and one of those if just because they wanted to take their vacation in the city as their destination.

Choosing New York as your vacation destination, here are some of the basic travel tips that will help you assure your enjoyment and fun in your trip to New York which is one of the world’s most visited cities.

First, don’t be so consumed by the time, just enjoy! New York is one of the biggest cities in the world that’s why they have a lot of landmarks and sites offered to be visited by the tourists. Take your time at each individual site so that you could fully enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the area. Do not rush yourself. Finishing all the sites at once is clearly impossible.

To make your visit a successful one, plan which sites you want to visit he most, do not plan too much because it will absolutely ruin you New York experience. It may seem like a good idea to fill your schedule with things to do, however choose only few places and spend more time at each place so that you will have the best experience out of your New York trip.

Second, take advantage to all different tours that are available. There are two types of tour, the guided one and the self-guided tour. A guided tour is where you go along with a group of people, and the tour guide explains everything in great detail, while the self-guided one is do-it-by-yourself procedure where you only have a map or a small guidebook explaining things. The two are entirely different from each other and usually people who take self-guided tours are those that hate crowds. Choose one that is suited most to your tastes, so you can really get the most out of your experience.

Third, do not be afraid in having fun in the city. When people think about New York, one of the things that stay in mind is the crimes; however, the city is really a safe place. Millions of people travel to New York every year without having any problems at all that’s why you should not let your fears or anxieties ruin your mood when in the city. It is only normal to be cautious but don’t limit your trip too much.

And lastly, you should experience what it is truly to be in a New York. Experiencing the unique New York culture through the museums and Broadway shows is the best way to know the true New York and to complete your trip. You should either to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, (The Met) or take in one of the fabulous shows on Broadway. Either one will give you the true face of what the New York culture is.

We got our start in New York City – and NYC is still the life blood of our organization. Nearly 51.5 million people will visit the Big Apple this year – and the lucky ones will experience an OnBoard Tours tour for themselves. Contact us for a New York tours now.



Do You Fancy A Holiday With A Difference?

A look at yachting holidays in the Mediterranean and why they are becoming more and more popular.

It might be the desire to totally escape the rat race, or something else, but more and more people are turning their back on the traditional package holiday in favour of something a bit more exciting. Adventure holiday sales are on the increase and are particularly popular with groups of youngsters and single travellers. Sailing holidays have long been thought of as the domain of the wealthy but yacht charters have changed all that and even if you have never sailed before you can hire your own skipper so that all you have to do is soak up the sun and view the country from a different angle.

Sailing Do You Fancy A Holiday With A Difference?
The Mediterranean.
The Mediterranean is a big place; from the many islands off the coast of Croatia, to the secluded bays of southern Turkey and the more familiar resorts of Spain and the Balearics. Sailing opportunities here are plentiful and choosing where to go is quite a task. Resorts along the coastline vary from sleepy fishing villages to glamorous resorts where the shores are lined with hotels and classy nightclubs. Most people who sail the “Med”, as it is affectionately known, do so to relax so head for the more tranquil waters around the Greek coastline. Greece offers the chance to island hop and sample the good food offered by the waterside tavernas. Sailing the waters around the beaches of Turkey with a company such as Sunsail offers a view of a land with a colourful and often turbulent past. With many totally unspoiled bays in which to anchor, there is history to explore when you set foot on dry land mixed with colourful markets and lively nightlife.

So what sort of vessel can you sail on your Mediterranean holiday? The choice depends on whether or not you wish to sail in your own group or part of a flotilla. A flotilla is a group of people sailing together under the guidance of a lead boat meaning that you will have company during the moored hours. If you prefer to sail alone or with a hired crew and were sailing from Palma you could chose from a variety of craft ranging from a single hull two cabin vessel that would sleep six to the expanses of a catamaran. Your experience will dictate what vessel you can man safely .

New to sailing.
If you are new to sailing the Mediterranean is the ideal destination with warm deep waters, light winds and easy navigation so this is a great place to start your life on the ocean wave. Combine this
with the resorts waiting to be visited and you can spend as much time on shore as off it. A beach holiday can be combined with your yachting holiday and if you decide to sail in the second week the first can be spent learning the ropes before you set sail on your adventure in the Mediterranean.

This look at yachting holidays in the Mediterranean was written by Jaye Staddon a freelance travel writer. Information from this article was sourced from the internet using Sunsail as a guide for available AC vessels.


Crucial Factors to Keep in Mind during Adventure Travel

Many people have a deep love for adventure travel. They thoroughly enjoy the immense excitement that it provides. However, as a traveler, it is good for you to be familiar with some valuable adventure travel tips. Following the tips will ensure that you have a successful and thoroughly enjoyable adventure trip. There are certain things that a traveler has to keep in mind during while having an adventure tour. This article shares with you some very useful tips that will certainly help you a lot in having a great traveling experience.

Highly Useful Adventure Travel Tips

  • Pack Your Bag Properly - As it is an adventure tour, there is no need for you to pack your bag with many clothes. Taking only a few clothing items will do it for you. What you definitely need to carry with you is sufficient amount of cash. A couple of things that you will certainly not want to face during your adventure tour. Firstly, you will certainly not want to carry an extremely heavy luggage all through your trip. It is always advisable to keep your luggage as light as possible. Secondly, you will certainly not want to run out of cash at the middle of your tour. These are a couple of matters that you need to take extreme care of. An adventure travel has to be done in a smart manner. It is advisable to keep certain amount of cash handy as you will need to buy dry food items and beverages quite frequently. Generally, the remote destinations are the ones that adventure travelers choose. So when you are traveling to such destinations, you must not expect that there will be ATMs at all places. This is why it is all the more important for you to carry cash.
  • Research on the Destination- You need to make an extensive research on the travel destination. The more you study about the place, the easier it will be during your travel. It is a completely unknown world that you are going to venture into, so the more you are aware of the fooding and lodging facilities , the better it will be for you. The internet can be of great help in making you familiar with these. Buying a good guidebook is also a wise thing to do. Understanding the geographical features of the destination will enable you to take the right precautionary measures.
  • Travel in Secure Manner- It is absolutely crucial for you to make sure that you travel in a secure way. Safety is something that every traveler should take into consideration. The suitcase or backpack you carry should be sturdy enough so that it can serve you rightly throughout the tour. Bringing a padlock is also highly advisable. You should lock your suitcase only after you have checked the baggage thoroughly. Nothing can be more disastrous for a traveler than having to deal with a damaged suitcase or a broken lock. It is also advisable for a traveler to keep all the essential documents such as the passport handy.

Plan Wisely

You must follow the tips mentioned above if you are keen on having a successful adventure tour. Along with that, you need to have proper planning. The plan you make should be flexible enough so that it can be changed in accordance with circumstances. It is crucial for you to be thoroughly prepared for the traveling, both mentally and physically.


Description - It is necessary for you to be familiar with some helpful tips so that you have a fascinating adventure traveling experience. It is important for you to travel safely.

Author’s Bio: Myke Thomas is a proficient author who writes quality articles on topics such as Boat Trips Phuket. He is a vastly experienced author who has been penning thoroughly informative articles for decades. His articles have been very helpful for the readers.