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Should You Go Abroad For Your Wedding?

When planning your wedding, the first thing to decide apart from your budget is where will the venue be? We hear about celebrities going to extravagant places all over the world and this can be appealing, so when it comes down to it, should you decide to get married abroad or in the UK? Well, the first benefit of going abroad would be the weather, it can be a lot more predictable that in the UK and if you want to get married outdoors then this might be the perfect option. You will also have a different culture and feel to your wedding if you go abroad, weddings in Greece for example are traditionally much louder and the families are very heavily involved with the planning. If you want a unique flavour for your wedding, then heading abroad is ideal.

However, the UK is still the chosen destination for the majority of us and for good reason. Firstly, from an accessibility perspective, getting guests to drive from one side of the country to another is much easier than asking them to fly across oceans. It is also a lot cheaper and unless you can afford to fly all of your wedding party out to meet you, you may find it easier to ask a large number of people to stay relatively local. Traditionally, the couple get married in the town the bride was brought up in, so families may decide that keeping it local is the most appropriate way to celebrate such a special occasion. Planning a wedding in a different country can also be very challenging, especially when considering that people are usually at work throughout the week and the different timezones. For those who want to check out the venue, speak to the minister etc. this might be simpler to do in the UK rather than over the phone or having to fly out once or twice.

So where are some of the top spots to get married in the UK? Well, weddings in Cheshire are the first to mention, one of the most romantic setting in the UK due to the vast countryside and rolling hills. If you want a wedding by the beach then Bournemouth could be the ideal spot for photos by the sea and a more relaxed Summer vibe.


Making Sure That Your Perfect Holiday Doesn’t Cost A Fortune

Scenery 300x199 Making Sure That Your Perfect Holiday Doesnt Cost A FortuneThere are many difficulties when it comes to affording a holiday in the current economic climate. Firstly, we all know that the numbers of jobs is down and further more we know that the jobs that are still around aren’t as well paid as they once where unless you are a banker or a footballer. However there are methods to undertake to save a little money over the course of time which will result in having saved up enough money in order to go on holiday with your family.

However, in a time when more and more people are complaining that they cannot afford a holiday,  how can we do this?

Start by making sure that you know what is going in and out of your account on a monthly basis, in this way you can start a plan to increase what comes in and reduce the expenses just to the vital elements. Start by making sure that you don’t have any standing orders for products or services set up that you no longer have or need. Next you are going to want to save on petrol or whatever means of travel to work you have. If you carpool with a colleague you won’t have to spend on bus or train fares, on the other hand if you have to drive to work, why not take it in turns with some of your colleagues who also have to drive.

Next you might want to stop spending money on the senseless things that you buy each day just because it is easier. There is a variety of examples where you can do this. For example why not make pack lunches at home and then take them at work so that you don’t have to spend any money when the sandwich lady comes. This can be done the same with coffees, take your own to work in a thermos so that you don’t have to buy one on your way to work every morning.

When shopping for your house holds goods you might want to consider buying supermarket brand to save on those expensive name brands. This is a great example where lots of little of savings can add up really quickly. If you do this across a whole weeks worth of shopping you can easily spend 15-30% on what you would normally spend.

This post was written by Kevin Donovan from www.financialupdate.org.uk where he often writes about all the latest financial issues that affect our day to day lives.