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The 5 top romantic things to do in Australia

flowers1 The 5 top romantic things to do in Australia

A persuasive argument can be made that Australia is romantic by design. Walking and riding trails perfect for getting time together with that special someone are scattered throughout the land. This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding romantic things to do in Australia. Here are five suggestions:

Royal Botanic Gardens (Melbourne)

Located near the centre of Melbourne, Victoria, the iconic botanical gardens are an ideal place to go for a romantic setting. Nestled on the south bank of the Yarra River, landscaped gardens offer a unique mix of native and non-native plants, flowers, and other colorful vegetation. Take a romantic walk and enjoy the sights. Nearby destinations located between the Yarra River and St. Kilda Road worth visiting include:

  • Kings Domain
  • Alexandra Gardens
  • Queen Victoria Gardens

Note: A walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens featuring a live harp concert can be enjoyed Tuesdays in the summer.

Arkaba Walk (South Australia)

Explore Australia’s famed outback with a romantic adventure along the ancient Flinders Ranges. Guided tours are available so that you and your companion can soak up the impressive history of this region. Spend some time together around the campfire or camping under the star-filled skies.

Surfing (New South Wales)

Enjoy some romantic surfing together at popular destinations such as Tamarama, Bronte, or Bondi. If you and your special one are into adventure, head to Avalon and Palm Beach for some killer waves and plenty of surfing fun. Just north of Sydney, visit Newscastle or Avoca Beach. Going south, you’ll find Royal National Park; a perfect spot for a romantic picnic.

Sydney Opera House

If culture is your idea of a romantic activity, you’ll find plenty of entertaining choices at the historic Sydney Opera House. Enjoy performances by Opera Australia, The Australian Ballet, the Sydney Theatre Company and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Tours are also available. The view at night is about as romantic as you can get.

Food and Wine

Australia presents a delightful mix of delicious cuisine and award-winning wines. Enjoy crocodile sausage, a fresh seafood platter – and just about anything in between – at the many restaurants and dining destinations located throughout Australia. Romantic food and wine destinations worth considering include:

  • Yarra Valley, VIC – Take a romantic visit to nearly 60 wineries scattered throughout this region. Gourmet restaurants can also be found here to further add to the romantic experience.
  • Darwin’s Mindil Beach Sunset Market (Dawin, NT) – Sample Asian-Pacific delights every Thursday from May through October in a tropical setting. Over 60 food stalls await you and your special someone while casually strolling from one taste to the next.
  • Coal River, TAS – If cool-climate wines set a romantic mood for you, this is the place to visit. Sip on award-winning chardonnays while enjoying a gorgeous view. Don’t forget to visit the historic village of Richmond to cap off the day.

When taking advantage of all of the romantic activities Australia has to offer consider having an online florist deliver flowers to your special someone. It’s a very romantic way to start, or finish the day.


A Trip to Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is not your ordinary city. This is one of the conclusions I came to after my recent visit to Netherlands’ most famous city. There were a lot of excitements ranging from the canals, the various grand structures in the city such as the Tuschinski Theatre and to the risque Red Light district; the city is not short of places to visit. Besides, Amsterdam is very easy to navigate by bike, on foot or even by boat. Below are some of the lessons i drew from the experience.

The best time to visit Amsterdam

You can visit Amsterdam any time of the year since there is always something exciting all year round. But note that a lot of people prefer the summer months since the longer days and nice temperatures allow them to spend more time outdoors. This said, visiting at this time has its challenges which prior preparations can help you avoid. For a fact, Amsterdam is most crowded at this time and things are pretty expensive. Make hotel bookings well in advance if you are intending to travel at this time Otherwise, Amsterdam accommodations headaches will spoil your trip. Perhaps, the best time to visit is during Spring. This is before the tourist rush. In addition, the Keukenhof Gardens are opened to members of the public. You will definitely be thrilled to see the tulips.


Keukenhof Gardens 750x562 A Trip to Amsterdam


Where to stay

Take your personality into account as you book your hotel accommodation. Ask yourself whether you prefer a crowded place or an isolated location. If you are the wild type, then a location in Damrak will definitely do it for you. Damrak starts at the central station and runs through the Dam Square, the Sex Museum and the royal Palace while at the same time being a few minutes away from the Red Light District. But if you seek a more quiet experience, then your top Amsterdam accommodations will be in the Rembrandt Square which is in close proximity to the Tuschinski Theatre. Of course you will also like the nightlife in this area too.

TuschinskiGroteZaalDusen2 A Trip to Amsterdam


Some exciting activities

By all reasons, do not leave Amsterdam without riding a canal boat ride. Everything that needs to be seen in Amsterdam can be reached via the canals. The canals are one of the identifying features of the city. Take a boat ride and explore various parts while enjoying yourself. Your visit may also not be complete before a visit to the Tuschinski Theatre. Pay a visit to the grandest structure ever built in Amsterdam and be awed by the amazing architectural display. The Tuschinski Theater is a very unusual cinema. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the city. It is a cinema like no other. The rich style complemented with the events in the theatre will leave a lasting memory within you. In order to get the best of your visit to this facility, it is advisable to take a guided tour so that you do not miss out on any bit.


You Shall Not Pass: The 5 Weirdest Items Airports Have Confiscated

Airport 300x180 You Shall Not Pass: The 5 Weirdest Items Airports Have ConfiscatedThe dreaded Transportation Safety Authority baggage screeners stand like sentinels at airport security. No one wants to get “randomly chosen” to have their luggage sifted through or the full body pat down. We’ve all had the experience of getting something confiscated like a shampoo bottle that’s too big or a pocket knife we forgot was in our backpack. But these people must have been a little off their rockers trying to sneak these items in. Here are the five weirdest items airports have had to confiscate.

1. Cattle Prods

Reading through the TSA’s banned item list, the term cattle prod jumps out. Who would take a cattle prod on an airplane and for what purpose? One man actually tried to bring a cattle prod through airport security at the Baltimore Washington International Airport. When discovered, the man gave the cattle prod to police, but he never explained his motive.

2. Belt Buckle Knife

Knives are commonly confiscated items by the TSA. However, passengers can be quite creative when trying to smuggle them onto a plane. Recently, a 3-inch knife was discovered by airport security concealed in a belt buckle. No one would carry an knife from an authorized Benchmark knife dealer though security, but hiding one in a belt buckle? He gets points for creativity, but we’re glad he was caught.

3. Snakes

Apparently one passenger saw the movie title Snakes on a Plane and wanted to recreate the movie. A man was detained at the Miami airport trying to board a plane with snakes. This story is even more crazy because the man had used his pants in an attempt to smuggle the snakes through security. Those poor snakes. However, TSA screeners discovered the man’s trouser snakes and turned him over to Fish and Wildlife officials.

4. Landmines

Landmines are obviously not allowed as carry-on items on a plane, but one woman thought she might be the exception. She was delayed by airport security after trying to carry-on claymore casings. However, this woman was not simply a self-defense overachiever. She told TSA officials that she was bringing the landmines for an explosives demonstration in California. She was allowed to travel, sans landmine.

5. Chainsaws

Unbelievably, a passenger actually tried to carry a chainsaw onto a plane. The chainsaw was reportedly full of gas and ready for use. Airport screening personnel confiscated the chainsaw.

Next time you head out to the airport, make sure to check this list of ridiculous items that airports have banned to be sure you’re not going to get help up by TSA security.


Studying Abroad Placement

studyabroad 300x276 Studying Abroad PlacementDecades ago, study abroad programs were primarily reserved for students majoring in a foreign language. Today’s international study opportunities are far more diverse, allowing you to go all over the world to pursue whatever studies interest you. In fact, some international programs have established themselves as great options in certain fields, such as international business, political science and anthropology.

Before you commit to a study abroad program, it’s important to review the details of the program to make sure it’s the best option for you. In addition to making sure your studies will be worth your time, you’ll need to be confident you can cover expenses—both the tuition and the living costs—and that you’re okay missing out on other opportunities on the home front. Take time to arrange visas, make sure your passport is still valid and line up a study abroad insurance policy to cover you in the event of a medical emergency.

Once you’ve taken care of these necessary tasks, your biggest worry is figuring out where you’re going to go.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a city with a lot to offer. It’s the educational hub of all of Ireland and offers several schools for students to choose from. The city has also earned the distinction of having more parks and natural spaces within its boundaries than any other city in Europe, making it a highly livable destination. And visitors can get a sampling of European soccer culture at its finest by attending one of the city’s professional matches.


The Netherlands has a strong reputation when it comes to education—within the country are a dozen universities ranked among the world’s 200 best. That’s quite a feat for such a small country, and it gives students all the more reason to take their studies to this part of the world. English speakers will appreciate that many Dutch citizens speak English. If you study in or near Amsterdam, you’ll have access to a destination with more museums per square meter than any other city in the world.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is considered to be the cultural capital of Australia, making it a great destination for students looking to travel abroad. It’s been ranked among the most livable cities in the world and is within a day’s drive of Australia’s capital city, Sydney; and the Australian coast is close enough to make a weekend trip to the beach a feasible option. Plus, if you go during the northern hemisphere’s winter months you can catch Australia’s summer and free yourself from winter’s doldrums.


It might come as a surprise to many college students, but Singapore actually has a strong educational system and boasts six national universities. Singapore has plenty of modern amenities to keep Western students comfortable, but perhaps more importantly, it’s a great opportunity for students to gain a better understanding of Asian culture. As India, China and other countries rise to become world powers, this familiarity could be a great asset in a student’s future professional life.

Wellington, New Zealand

Australia’s closest neighbor is a small island nation that’s probably most famous for being the shooting location for the “Lord of the Rings” movies. But New Zealand has much more to offer: It’s a lush, green country offering a variety of outdoor activities. Academically, the country’s government has put a strong emphasis on education in recent years, which is a plus for would-be student travelers. And it’s hard to deny that the New Zealand accent is pretty cool.

It’s important to understand that no two study abroad programs are the same. When you start comparing programs across different countries and continents, they can be dramatically different. Finding the one that best suits your needs and interests will help you get the most out of your experience.